Swimming Pool (open in the summer)

Shinagawa Prince Hotel has an outdoor pool and a heated indoor pool on the third floor of the Main Tower. You will also find a Whirlpool Bath. Please enjoy some time in them in our comfortable and relaxing hotel. Available for Hotel guests only.

Location: Main Tower 3rd floor

  • We do not permit use by gang members. We also do not permit use by people who have traditional or modern tattoos, stickers, or body paint on their body, no matter how small or fashionable the tattoos, stickers, or body paint may be. If we find any such people using the pools, we will remove them immediately, regardless of their age.
  • We do not permit use by people who are in poor health, people who have symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting, and people who are very drunk.
  • The hours of operation and services offered may change or be made completely unavailable due to a natural calamity or maintenance. We kindly ask for your understanding.
  • Swimming is not permitted for children in elementary school or younger unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Out of safety concerns, we do not permit guests who are not yet 4 years of age to enter the water. (They may remain poolside.)
  • We may prohibit use of the pools by guests who are wearing highly revealing swimwear.
  • You may have to wait to enter, depending on how busy the facility is.
  • The entire facility is a non-smoking area.
  • Do not bring the following items into the pool areas.
    *Food, alcoholic drinks
    *Life preservers or floating toys with a diameter of over 90cm
    *Picnic blankets, beach mats, beach balls, water guns, beach umbrellas, tents, snorkels, fins, underwater masks, and music devices
    *Watches, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry or valuables
    *Dangerous objects (glass items, glass bottles (including glass baby bottles), sharp objects, blades, flammable objects, toxic substances, and poisonous substances)
  • We strictly prohibit filming/photography of other guests without their permission. Also, please be careful not to disturb other guests when you are taking pictures.
  • We will remove any guests who are violent or inconveniencing other guests.
  • Please follow any instructions given by staff members in the pool areas to ensure safety.
  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
Swimming Pool (open in the summer)
Swimming Pool (open in the summer)
Swimming Pool (open in the summer)
Swimming Pool (open in the summer)
Swimming Pool (open in the summer)