August 21 , 2019

Prince Grand Resort Furano" latest video

We will introduce “Prince Grand Resort Furano” surrounded by rich forests and magnificent mountains, and the latest video that mixes the beautiful scenery of Furano in each season. This time, he also created an original song for “Prince Grand Resort Furano”. Original song that is finished like a classic organization that can be used as a single unit in the 4 songs of “Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter”. “Rec & MIX: Daiki Takafuji” who was responsible for the arrangement and live support of various artists was in charge of composition, arrangement, keyboard, and programming. Please enjoy the magnificent and scaled scenery unique to Furano and the original music that feels beautiful and vital.

” Ezoengosaku” which blooms in spring in Hokkaido

” Lavender” which smells beautifully

Natural “autumn leaves in the forest”

Beautiful sparkling ice trees