Enjoy your travel night at “Karaoke Room” !!!

 9:00P.M.~11:00P.M.(最終申込み 8:00P.M.)
 2 hours ¥15,000
 At hotel front(1F)
 ●Shochu set ¥4,000
 ●Whiskey set ¥10,000
 ●Bottle beer 500ml ¥950
 ●Wine bottle white/red ¥4,000
 ●Sake 300ml ¥1,150

※There is no attendant. It will be self service.
※If you have any questions regarding the operation, please kindly contact the front desk. (extension 5111)
※Price includes consumption tax.
※Please use the shop (1F) for snacks.
※Additional drinks are not accepted. Please use the vending machine.