Japan’s 5 Most Beautiful Regions

Japan is one of the most stunning countries in the world, boasting an incredible variety of natural beauty, stunning historic sights and awe-inspiring architecture. You’re never too far away from a beauty spot in this exceptional destination, making it the perfect place to visit for anyone who loves to marvel at the landscape around them and capture some beautiful shots to remember it by.

If you’re planning a stay at the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East soon, then you’re well placed to explore many of the country’s wonderful regions. Here are just some of the most scenic spots to add to your list of where to go.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Arashiyama is a small, traditional district close to the outskirts of Kyoto, and close to the streets of the town, you’ll find the magical and ethereal sight of the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove.

You’ve probably seen countless photographs of this unique wonder when planning your trip to the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East and Japan, but the sight of the bamboo grove is truly exceptional in real life. The grove covers a wide area and is paved throughout, providing you with the perfect space to walk while surrounded by towering bamboo trees, listening to the breeze whistling through their delicate leaves.

It’s best enjoyed during the early hours of the morning soon after it opens. The grove is exceptionally popular, especially during peak times, and you’ll often find local rickshaw drivers wheeling tourists around at top speeds. To soak up the stunning green light as it filters through the bamboo trees, aim to get there as the sun comes through.

Karuizawa Shiraito Waterfalls

Waterfalls have long captured the minds of people throughout the centuries, with legends and special names dedicated to articulate their beauty. Near the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East, you’ll find the peaceful Shiraito Waterfalls, which means “waterfall of white threads”, perfectly summarising the delicate appearance of the falls in this location.

Unlike most waterfalls which originate from the flow of a river, the falls here actually arise from the groundwater within nearby mountains. This ensures that the flow is consistent and steady through the year, making it a great place to visit, whenever you come. Surrounding by beautiful green trees and filled with light, it is a place filled with beauty and serenity.

Ashikaga Flower Park

Located north of Tokyo, the city of Ashikaga is easy to get to from the Karuizawa Prince Hotel East via train, and you’ll be rewarded with the sight of one of its most famous parks.

The Ashikaga Flower Park is a captivating floral park, which features a variety of different flowers that can be seen in bloom throughout the year. One of its most famous displays is the ethereal Great Wisteria tree, which spans an 80 metre long tunnel, filled with magical, hanging blooms. As well as the many varieties of wisteria that can be found throughout the park, you can also find other colourful displays showing off a variety of flowers, including the Rainbow Garden, filled with multi-coloured roses, and the Blue and White Garden, which teems with hydrangea, irises, and other blooms.

With a great range of flowers on display all year round, you can see a special sight whenever you visit, but if you plan to catch the wisteria, the best time to head there is between April and May, when they are most commonly in bloom.

Meguro River

The Meguro is a river that runs through Tokyo, and during cherry blossom season in spring, this turns into one of the most captivating and famous sights in all of Japan.

In fact, the Meguro River is one of Tokyo’s most popular cherry blossom spotting locations, during the annual cherry blossom festival period, and with 800 cherry trees lined up along a four kilometre stretch besides the river, it’s a truly spectacular sight to behold.

During the cherry blossom season, you’ll see the wonderful display of pink and white blossoms filling up the trees to create ethereal clouds that reflect in the river, and shine wonderfully against the bright blue spring skies above. You’ll also find plenty of market stalls and food and drink vendors nearby, as well as plenty of seating to provide a lovely place to sit and take in the atmosphere.

While cherry blossom spotting is always a popular activity across Japan, this is one of the most memorable places to experience it, and if you happen to be visiting Karuizawa Prince Hotel East during the season, it’s well worth making a trip here to catch this special view.

Himeji Castle

While Japan is filled with countless natural scenic wonders, it has its fair share of captivating man-made sights that are worth exploring, too. The iconic Himeji Castle, located high in the hills by the city of Himeji, is an elegant and refined sight, and is treasured as Japan’s most spectacular castle.

The castle dates back to the 14th century, and is one of the oldest constructions still found in Japan. It features an expansive cherry tree-covered lawn, itself a popular attraction during spring when the trees are in bloom, while the castle itself is both impressive to look out from outside, and within.

With gleaming white walls and five storeys that tower above the landscape, it is an instantly recognisable and captivating historic landmark.

Furano Lavender Fields

If you head further afield towards Hokkaido, then there are all kinds of wonderful scenic spots to discover. One of the most spectacular treats in this region is the Furano lavender fields, which burst into beautiful, fragrant life every summer, filling expansive fields with the heady perfume of thousands of lavender blossoms, before they are harvested for use in aromatherapy, cosmetics, and other uses. The lavender fields are best seen through the summer, between June to August, during which countless visitors from across Japan and further afield descend upon the region. With immense lavender fields spanning as far as the eye can see, it’s a magical view.


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