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  • Where To Find The Best Views Of Tokyo For Free

    If you’ve got an upcoming trip planned to visit the mind boggling city of Tokyo, then you’ll probably be thinking the same thing as everyone else- where is the best place to get a view of that world famous skyline? It’s no secret that Tokyo has a lot of skyscrapers -167 to be exact- but […]

  • Top Tips For Road Tripping In Japan

    Japan is a stunning country; from coast to coast and mountainous peak to mountainous peak, it deserves to be fully explored. Don’t limit yourself to seeing only the cities, or only visiting the locations public transport can get you to; be in control of your own trip and explore this awe inspiring country at your […]

  • The Very Best Of Hiroshima

    Japan is a country filled with stunning cities and gorgeous landscapes- so what is it about Hiroshima that makes it so special? The devastation that occurred after the horrific events of 1945 when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city is something that we are all familiar with- but it does not define the […]

  • The Top 6 Beaches Near Tokyo

    Tokyo is not necessarily the first place you think about when planning a beach holiday- but you should think again. Just outside of the mega metropolis of Tokyo, on the eastern edge of the city, lies the stunning Boso Peninsula. Here you will find entrancing mountainous terrain, lush forest, abundant wildlife and gorgeous beaches. It’s […]

  • The Top 4 Japanese Temples

    Japan’s stunning culture and rich history are deeply rooted in the faith held by the nation’s people for thousands of years, with over 70% of the population following Shinto practices with a combination of Buddhist rituals. The unique blend of ideologies has led to the Japanese being an incredibly polite, clean and respectful nation- one […]

  • Must Visit Locations On Your 2 Week Japanese Adventure

    Japan has a lot to offer visitors. It is home to an incredibly rich history and one of the world’s most unique cultures. You can find some of the most stunning natural scenes on the face of the earth sitting alongside the largest metropolis anywhere on the planet. Stunning and lush forest covers a staggering […]

  • The 4 Best Street Markets In Japan

    Japan has a long history with markets, in fact some of the markets across the country are thought to be thousands of years old. It’s a country of extreme heritage, contrast and diversity that still bases its roots in the general ideology of politeness and kindness. The country’s markets are a microcosm of what you […]

  • 9 Incredible Facts About Japan

    Japan is a pretty incredible country. It has a unique, diverse and incredibly rich culture that dates back thousands of years. There are many things in our society that we immediately recognise as being of Japanese origin, and increasingly more people are starting to align themselves with Japanese methodologies and ways of life. If you’re […]