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Things to do in Japan

  • Top Tips For A Mount Fuji Day Trip

    One of the most stunning landmarks in Japan, Mount Fuji is a mountain and volcano in Honshu, about 100 kilometers outside of Tokyo. The stunningly symmetrical cone of Fuji is even visible from the capital city, and on clear days can tantalize tourists and guests of Tokyo’s Prince Hotels from the city itself. Often found […]

  • Your 7 Day Travel Plan For A Week In Japan

    As COVID regulations have eased in Japan, the country is seeing a massive uptick in tourism. As an island nation, Japan is surprisingly populous and its cities exemplify this. From the thousand plus years of history in Kyoto to the dazzling futurism of Tokyo, guests of the Prince Hotel chain have a varying array of […]

  • How is “Hinamatsuri”: Japan’s Doll Festival celebrated?

    Depending on where your accomodation in Tokyo is, there is something nearby to assist with making your Japanese experience the best it can be. For those with the pleasure of staying in Shinjuku Japan hotels, there is a lot going on in this special ward of the city of Tokyo to enjoy, one of which […]

  • The importance of Showa Day (Showa no hi): How it started and what you need to know before visiting?

    If you are interested in making the most of Tokyo, you need to participate in a little bit of everything: a deep fried nibble from a street food market, a drink in a upmarket inner-city, sparkly-light-donned skyscraper, a visit to a Bhuddist temple or shrine, a spotting of the beautiful sakura (cherry blossoms) which are […]

  • Things To Do Around Mount Fuji

    Standing a magnificent 3,776 metres tall, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest and most stunning mountain, and captivates the attention of anyone who sees it. Whether you catch a glimpse from afar as you speed past on a bullet train, or get a chance to experience it a little closer, it’s always a memorable and enchanting […]

  • 6 Things to Consider When Planning a Golf Trip Abroad

    For keen golfers, travelling the world can be a great opportunity to visit some of the best golf courses in other countries, as well as enjoy some brand-new experiences. To top it off, your overseas golf adventure will be even better, when you combine it with one of the incredible experiences you can only find […]