Experience the Pinnacle of Golf on a Tournament Course

Tournaments are where fierce contests between pro golfers play out. The stages for those contests are the tournament courses, carefully chosen from golf courses across the country. Each one offers the scale and challenge to allow pro golfers to test their driving distance and technique, and possesses the prestige and tradition befitting a tournament. Here we showcase five such courses operated by Prince Hotels.

The Appeal of
Tournament Courses


Their scale and challenge make use of all 14 clubs

One thing that sets tournament courses apart from a normal course is their length. Comparing lengths from regular tees, a normal course is around 6,000 yards on average, while some tournament courses exceed 6500 yards. There is also variety in how their 18 holes are laid out. Golfers can experience the real pleasure of utilizing all fourteen clubs.


The designs capitalize on each course's natural qualities

These courses are not just vast, but mainly flat with ample undulations. One thing tournament courses have in common is being built in locations ideally suited for golf. Many of them date back to a time before heavy machinery, when courses were made with manpower alone and made use of the land's natural undulations,which challenge golfers shot after shot.


An atmosphere of tradition and refinement, and an excellent roll of the green

Some tournament courses emanate an atmosphere of tradition; others offer the sense of freedom of a resort. The features of the various courses are many, but each one possesses the gravity required for top-level competitive play. As tournaments are televised, the image of tournament courses as having fast greens is strong, and to ensure those expectations are upheld, a great deal of effort is expended in the upkeep of the courses and greens. The experience of playing on greens where the quality of the roll is preserved is on another level.

Prince Hotels'5Tournament Courses

Prince Hotels manages 25 scenic golf courses across Japan. Here we will look at its 5 tournament courses.