January 15, 2024

Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel and Sustainability

Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel stands amidst the beautiful nature of Sengokuhara, which displays a different facet every season.
To show our gratitude to Mother Nature for her bounties, we considered actions to make society more sustainable and have implemented various initiatives to this end.

Here’s a glimpse of our efforts:

Environmental Initiatives

Waste Reduction

We have transitioned from using disposable plastic items like single-use straws and cocktail picks to paper alternatives. We have also swapped disposable chopsticks for reusable ones and offer wine made from organically grown grapes. Other than that, we are also using larger containers for shampoos to reduce packaging and transitioning towards paperless records, digitalizing meeting documents, stored reports, and payslips.

We are also no longer providing amenities in rooms (other than toothbrushes). They are now available at the “Amenity Bar” at our Information Desk. You are welcome to take the amenities that you need.

Amenity Bar

– 3F Information Corner
– Hairbrushes, cotton swabs, razors, cotton pads, hair ties, and shower caps.

Minimizing Food Waste

Our restaurants share common ingredients and manage their inventory meticulously to reduce food waste. We encourage our guests to join us in striving for zero food waste.

Safety Measures

Ensuring Food Safety

We conduct regular training sessions to prevent foodborne illnesses, norovirus, and other infectious diseases. We’re also vigilant about guest allergies, foreign object contamination, expiration date checks, and routinely convene food hygiene committee meetings.

Disaster Preparedness

We regularly conduct fire drills, address improvement suggestions from disaster inspections, share cases of occupational accidents and near misses as part of our occupational safety measures, and convene safety and hygiene committee meetings.

Community Engagement

Collaborations with Local Communities

Our ingredients come from local sources like Gotemba Sunshine Chicken, Hakone-Seiroku Vegetables, Hakone-Seiroku Beef, Odawara Kamaboko, and Odawara Juro Plum. We also offer drinks made from local ingredients.
Additionally, we collaborate with local tourist facilities to create attractive tour packages, maintain emergency supplies, participate in neighborhood association activities, and engage in town-wide clean-up activities like the “Hakone Clean-Up Campaign.”

Company Culture

We discourage long work hours and strive to create conducive work conditions. To improve work environments, we refurbish our dormitories, provide leave for childcare and nursing care, implement remote work options, conduct health check-ups, and assess the stress levels of our staff.
We also invest in staff development through internal training and remote education courses. We also support smoking cessation treatments.
・General manager meeting with all employees
・Hiring foreign student interns
・Promoting initiatives that encourage female participation and career advancement.