January 18, 2024

Sustainability steps / SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Sustainability Initiatives of Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima

At Grand Prince Hotel Hiroshima, we strive for “environmental preservation” in order to achieve sustainable growth, based on the Seibu Group’s vision, which in part reads: “We will never forget to consider the natural and global environment.”
At the same time, we promote various initiatives that contribute to “peace” as a hotel located in Hiroshima.


~ Initiatives for environmental preservation ~

: Reduction of plastic waste :

【Elimination of the use of disposable plastic straws】

We have eliminated the use of plastic straws in our restaurants and banquet rooms.
If a customer requests a straw, we will provide a paper straw.

【Yogurt in the hotel’s original paper container packaging】

The hotel offers “Chichiyasu Additive-Free Plain Yogurt (*no flavorings or stabilizers added)” manufactured and sold by Chichiyasu, the first company in Japan to start selling yogurt, in the original packaging of environmentally friendly paper containers and volume.
Previously, the hotel used Chichiyasu yogurt products in plastic containers for breakfast, but by adopting products with paper containers, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by yogurt containers by approximately 93% (approximately 450 kg) per year.

:We propose a sustainable and earth-friendly travel experience.:

【Guest room amenities and cleaning】

Setouchi Resort Floor Premier Twin

With the growing interest in environmental consideration and the enforcement of the “Act on Promotion of Resource Circulation for Plastics,” Prince Hotels & Resorts proposes a sustainable and earth-friendly travel experience.
Let us start working together to make the future of the earth brighter.

Two suggestions for our guests
01. Stop using disposable amenities and bring the items you normally use.
02. Choose not to have your room cleaned when staying for consecutive nights.

【Donation of proceeds from sales of plastic shopping bags】

We charge for plastic shopping bags and sell them for 3 yen each.
Proceeds are donated to the local government for use in local environmental preservation and social contribution activities.

: Raise awareness of food waste reduction :

【Displaying POP and posters】

We display POP and posters at restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat programs to raise awareness of food waste reduction.

:Initiatives from our spa for environmental preservation and supporting food producers:



We offer spa treatments using the original balm made from 100% natural ingredients, blended with essential oils collected from the peels of lemons grown in Setouchi (Hiroshima’s Osaki Shimojima Island).
By using essential oils distilled in Hiroshima—from Hiroshima lemons grown with a commitment to safety and security, we are also supporting producers.

:Environmental preservation around the hotel:

【Promotion of cleaning activities】


We work in cooperation with the local community to preserve the environment of Motoujina National Park and the coast adjacent to the hotel, including the participation of hotel employees in the “Motoujina Clean Campaign” sponsored by the Minami Ward Office of the city of Hiroshima, and the holding of a walking event to pick up ocean trash with our guests.

:Participation in EARTH HOUR:

【Lights out, reduced lights, special events】

In support of Earth Hour sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we have been implementing environmental preservation programs and turning off and reducing lights since 2020.

:Initiatives for peace:

【Installation of ORIZURU PEACE BOX and introduction of products using recycled Orizuru paper】

<Installation of ORIZURU PEACE BOX>
We ask our guests to fold an Orizuru that expresses their “desire for peace” and post it in the “ORIZURU PEACE BOX” in the lobby. With the cooperation of the NPO “Orizuru Hiroshima” and vocational aid facilities, the Orizuru is recycled as “Orizuru recycled paper” and is used for various valuable products.

<Introduction of business cards using recycled paper>
Business cards for hotel employees are made from recycled paper using folded cranes. The cards are made from Orizuru recycled paper that has a gentle color and texture.

<Lamps that highlight local culture and peace>
Lamps made from a combination of Hiroshima’s traditional copper crafts “Dochu” and recycled Orizuru paper are installed in the lobby and other places.

【Our original bicycle tour to learn about the peace and history of Hiroshima】

We produced an original bicycle route in collaboration with mint’s main business “sokoiko!,” which tells the unique story of Hiroshima through bicycling. From the hotel to Peace Memorial Park, you can learn about peace and culture while stopping at Hiroshima’s historical spots.
The Hiroshima Prefecture website introduces mint as a company working on SDGs.

【Promoting sightseeing around the hotel on foot or by bicycle】

We have made an original map and website for walking, jogging, and biking around the hotel.
We promote sightseeing to experience nature and history without using gas or electricity.