December 20, 2023

Sustainability Steps

Information Regarding Sustainability

Here at Shinjuku Prince Hotel, we offer suggestions for a sustainable, environmentally friendly trip. For a brighter tomorrow for the planet, why not start with us.

[Two Suggestions for Guests]
  1. Bring along your personal toiletries to avoid using disposable amenities
    We provide disposable amenities in your room, however, in order to reduce plastic waste, your generosity by not using them will help provide contribution in our environmental conservation efforts.
    At Prince Hotels & Resorts, we aim to cease offering disposable amenities in the future. To make future travels more sustainable, we propose packing your own everyday toothbrush.
    *No monetary contribution is asked of guests.
  2. Refrain from requesting housekeeping when staying multiple nights
    In order to ease the environmental burden due to plastic waste or water pollution attributed to detergent use, your generosity by choosing to not request room cleaning, bed making, linen and towel replacement, and other amenity refreshments will help provide contribution in our environmental conservation efforts.
    We have previously promoted this as “eco-friendly actions,” but we are changing the wording to “contributions” of our guests’ generosity as a link to the future.
    *This effort is aimed at stays of more than 2 nights.
    *For the purpose of hygiene, rooms will be cleaned on the third day.
[Reducing Plastic]

As part of our efforts to protect all life, we are promoting initiatives to reduce plastic waste, which affects marine life and ecosystems, as well as the use of environmentally and socially conscious ingredients and products.
(Initiative details)
・ Suggesting guests refrain from use of amenities, regarding compliance as contributions to environmental conservation efforts
・Discontinuing use of plastic straws and replacing disposable plastic products (forks, spoons, knives, stir sticks) with wooden or other alternatives
・Donating a portion of proceeds from plastic bag sales to the local government where each establishment is located

Information cards are placed in rooms to introduce our initiatives.