The Kawana Hotel Experience

A Classic Hotel Like No Other

Kawana Hotel offers a spectacular view overlooking Sagami-nada sea, from Mount Fuji to the Boso Peninsula and the Seven Islands of Izu. Since 1936, the Hotel has been synonymous with tradition and exceptional service. Experience it for yourself. Blessed with a mild climate, Kawana in Izu offers nature’s beauty to those who appreciate seasonal changes.


A world-class course with views of Sagami-nada sea and Mount Fuji

The Fuji Course, designed by C.H. Alison, is consistently selected among the top 100 golf courses in the world and annually hosts a women’s professional tour. Built along the natural terrain of the Izu coastline, on clear days, the course offers stunning views of Mount Fuji and the beautiful sea of Sagami-nada and presents a high level of difficulty. It captivates visitors and is a prestigious course that tops the list of must-visit destinations for golfers in Japan.
*Please note that only guests staying at Kawana Hotel are eligible to play on this course.

A scenic course where you can easily enjoy seaside golf

The Oshima Course is the twelfth oldest golf course still in existence in Japan. At the time of construction, there were no bulldozers, and as it was built on a lava plateau, soil was transported by boat. The soil was then burnt and spread by hand, and grass was laid to create the golf course.
Enjoy the comforting sound of waves and the refreshing sea breeze. With the blue sea and sky of Sagami-nada as your backdrop, you can fully enjoy resort golf in a riding cart at this outstanding location.
*Day trips for play are possible.


Enjoy the Natural Spring Water from the Foot of Mount Amagi

The water at Kawana Hotel is natural spring water drawn from about 12km away at Mount Amagi. The women’s open-air hot spring bath in Brisa Marina, accessible exclusively to Hotel guests, has been designed to integrate the bathing area with the ocean, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Dining & Tea Time

Scenic Afternoon Tea Overlooking Sagami-nada sea

The Sun Parlor is a bright tea room with a view of the sea and seasonal flowers outside wide glass windows. The space’s construction creates an open atmosphere that extends towards the sea. The afternoon tea prepared by our pastry chefs will enhance your time with loved ones.

Secrets of Gastronomy

1. Passion for Homemade Cuisine

For more than 85 years, the chefs at Kawana Hotel have welcomed guests from Japan and abroad with traditional flavors and specialties. In order to maintain authentic flavors, all sauces, soups, dressings, etc. are meticulously crafted in-house. Experience the culinary world of Kawana Hotel, where our chefs’ passion for cooking and generations of hospitality await.


2. Hand Crafted Sauces

Long ago, Kawana Hotel employed a sauce specialist dedicated solely to making sauces. We pride ourselves in our more than ten different varieties of sauces served to this day. The recipes for the sauces, which have been protected since the establishment of the restaurant in 1936, are all made in-house by the chefs.

Seasonal event


Within the grounds of Kawana Hotel, including the golf courses, there are about 9,000 cherry trees of approximately 30 different varieties. You can enjoy cherry blossoms from the early blooming Kan-zakura (from mid-January to mid-February) to the Somei-Yoshino (from late March to early April), with various types blossoming from mid-January to early April.


In summer, you can enjoy the cool comfort of a pool using natural water from the foothills of Mt. Amagi, all while overlooking the sea right in front of you.
For one month, from late July to late August, the quintessential summer event, the ‘Fireworks Festival,’ takes place. The ‘Anjin Festival’ held from August 8th to 10th commemorates William Adams (known in Japan as Miura Anjin), a British diplomat for Tokugawa Ieyasu, who built Japan’s first Western-style sailing ship in Ito. It’s the most powerful festival in Izu, featuring simultaneous fireworks launched from five locations at sea.


A mystical sight visible for several days around the full moon. On nights when the moon shines even brighter, the ‘Moon Road’ appears, a path of moonlight drawn across the sea surface.
Please come and experience this magical scenery that seems to stretch straight towards you.

Christmas at the Classic Hotel

At Kawana Hotel, each year in mid-November, local elementary school students are invited to decorate the 15-foot tall Christmas tree in the Main Lobby. Throughout Christmas, the fireplace adorned with Kawana’s emblem in the Main Lobby is also lit. Enjoy a relaxing moment with the impressive Christmas tree and the flickering fireplace.

Other Activities


In addition to the usual aerobic machines, we have equipment specifically designed to support the optimal movement for golfers.
Business Hours: Open 24 hours
Age Restriction: 16 years and older


Tennis in the gardens of Kawana Hotel! One of the few in Japan, our courts are grass courts using natural turf. Enjoy a luxurious time playing tennis in our courtyard with views of Sagami-nada sea.
Hours: 9:00 A.M. to sunset
Price: ¥8,800 (weekdays / per court per hour) ※Saturday & holidays: ¥11,000
Reservations: Please reserve by phone or email.


We offer both carom tables and pocket tables, each fully cushioned. Price: ¥1,100 (per table / per hour)

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