Fitness Room

Fitness Room Guidelines

Operating Hours: 24 hours
Usage Restrictions:
(1) Usage is limited to individuals over 16 years of age.
(2) The fitness room is exclusively for guests staying at the hotel.
(1) Change in your room, no changing room available.
(2) Refrain from using the facility if feeling unwell.
(3) Use of the facility after consuming alcohol is strictly prohibited.
(4) Please turn off or silence your cell phone to avoid disturbing others during calls or messages.
(5) Clean equipment with paper towels provided and disinfect the area after use, please understand in advance.
(6) A staff member will periodically make rounds.
The Management

Request for Cooperation in Preventing the Spread of Novel Coronavirus

To ensure the safety of our guests and prevent the spread of infection in the fitness room, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following guidelines during your visit.

  • Wear a mask upon entering the fitness room. Entry may be denied for those without masks.
  • Carry a mask and wear it when social distancing cannot be maintained or when speaking with others. Ensure that your nose and mouth are properly covered when wearing the mask. Exposing your nose while wearing a mask is not allowed.
  • Disinfect your hands with the solution provided at the entrance upon arrival.
  • Refusal of Entry for Those Showing Symptoms
    For the safety of all guests and to prevent the spread of infection, entry will be refused for individuals who exhibit any of the following symptoms:
    *A temperature of more than 1 degree higher than normal, confirmed by checking before arrival.
    *Cold symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, even with mild symptoms.
    *A fever in the past 48 hours.
    *Extreme fatigue or shortness of breath.
    *Coughing, phlegm, or chest discomfort.
    *Loss of taste or smell.
    *A confirmed diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection in the past 10 days, or close contact with a confirmed case within the infectious period (starting from the day after contact and within 5 days).
    *For travelers with a history of travel abroad, please follow the quarantine measures set by the government upon entering Japan. Refer to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare website for more information.
    *Those with close family members or close contacts with the above symptoms, or who exhibit any of the above symptoms.
  • Please take extra care with your health check and preventive measures before exercising, especially for elderly individuals.
  • For individuals with underlying illnesses, undergoing dialysis, or using immunosuppressive or antineoplastic agents, please take appropriate infection prevention measures and use the fitness room during less busy times with caution.

Please review these guidelines before using the fitness room. Please be noted that there is no attendant at this facility. Use the facility at your own risk and responsibility, without overdoing it. If you feel unwell or have any sudden needs, please contact the front desk by dialing 9.

Fitness Room