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For MICE, visit Japan

Why not visit Japan with your colleagues and fully experience this fascinating country?

The experience of “Japanese Quality” is both moving and satisfying, and leads the way to success for businesses by increasing individual and team dynamics.

History, nature, culture… See it all

The Seasons and Nature

Stretching from south to north, the islands of Japan have distinct seasonal and regional features. Each area has its own natural heritage with a beauty that appeals to people from all over the world.

History and Tradition

Japan is a country with a long history dotted with countless historic buildings, including shrines and Buddhist temples, as well as World Heritage sites.

Culture and Cuisine

Delicious seasonal foods that are grown domestically and can only be tasted in Japan, together with the relaxing culture of Japanese-style living, including hot springs and tatami mats, are just two of the country’s attractions.

Experience a culture of hospitality

Whole-hearted Japanese hospitality means prioritizing and paying careful attention to the satisfaction of the guest, a service culture of which Japan is rightly proud. Visitors will have a fresh experience in Japan, and the careful attention received will remain a precious memory for each person even after they have returned home.

Experience a technologically advanced society

Japan leads the way for global manufacturing, and if you have wondered about the implementation of advanced Japanese technology in society, this is your chance to experience the latest scene. From stylish high-rise buildings using the latest construction techniques, to railroad networks that are punctual to within seconds, we want you to experience the sparkling “new” Japan that exists within this ancient, historic country.

Team-building at MICE in Japan for business growth

Expanding businesses in Asia are increasingly using MICE for team building to create strong organizations by raising the motivation of employees and business partners. Individual members, each with a unique personality, come together and the team as a whole is strengthened to tackle business issues after enjoying a refreshing and restorative trip to Japan.

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