Meetings & Events

Prince Hotels’ MICE

There may be some concerns about using MICE as customs vary by country, but Prince Hotels’ unique one-stop service deals with everything to leave you with peace of mind. Prince Hotels gives serious consideration to the reasons why MICE holders need MICE and what kind of results they hope for. We also plan aspects such as venues, services and productions that are most suitable for deriving the desired results while taking into account budgets, based on detailed meetings with customers. Capitalizing on the advantages of Prince Hotel, where facilities and functions are maintained to the highest level, we hold events that bring together the participants, organizers and related parties, and help with MICE that will deliver adequate results.

Attentive support with careful consideration

Support for different culinary requirements

When visiting other countries, foods are often encountered that cannot be eaten for religious or cultural reasons. Prince Hotels takes diverse culinary requirements into consideration and makes plans to ensure that meals can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

Reception of VIPs and guests

Careful planning is required for appropriate reception of important visitors. For MICE to be a success, thorough consideration is given to the reception and send-off for VIPs and guests, with reservation of the best rooms in case lodging is required.

Expertise gained through a wealth of achievements and experience

Prince Hotels have a wealth of MICE achievements, providing a venue for rich people-to-people exchanges. Countless MICE have been held here, including corporate meetings, employee-oriented seminars, foundation-commemorating parties, organization and association award and prize ceremonies, international conventions. With a wealth of achievements and experience in MICE, we support your increasingly global needs.

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