FAQ3: Questions regarding Staying with Children

Q.01 From what age does the child rate apply?

Rooms: Child rates apply for children 7 years old (elementary school age) to 12 years old.
Children under 7 years of age can stay free of charge.

Restaurant: Breakfast and dinner buffet charges will be applied for children 3 years old and above.

Q.02 Is it possible to have the child sleep together on the same bed with the parents?

For children of preschool age (0–6 years of age) that are able to sleep together on the same bed, this is possible.
*There is no specific charge for this.
Use of an additional bed will be charged.

Q.03 If we are staying with children, is it possible to request extra towels and other amenities?

Towels, child–size toothbrushes, slippers and child–size yukata (Japanese robes) are able to be provided upon request.
For other items, please make a request and if possible, we are happy to provide them.