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Parking Lot

A parking lot (with around 500 spaces) is available on the grounds. Customers who only use the parking lot or who exceed the times listed below will be charged ¥300 per 30 minutes. (Maximum daily charge: ¥700 on weekdays; no limit on Saturdays/ holidays)

  • Hotel guests: ¥500 per night (You can use the parking lot until 2:00 PM on your departure day)
  • Banquet guests: Free up to 5 hours
  • Wedding guests: Free up to 8 hours
  • Restaurant guests: Free up to 4 hours
  • Shopping guests: Free up to 2 hours (with a purchase of ¥2,000 or more)
  • Sightseeing cruise guests: Free up to 5 hours

*Saturday/ holiday fees apply during the summer season from 7/21-8/31 (maximum daily weekday charge not applicable).

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