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Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel can be found in Shiga Prefecture, the home of Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa, which is located roughly in the country’s center. The 136-meter-tall, 38-floor resort hotel stands at the southern coast of the lake, in the city of Otsu.

Shiga Prefecture offers beautiful natural sights for every season, with verdant mountains and rural landscapes surrounding Lake Biwa at the heart of the prefecture.
Meanwhile, Otsu has been a culturally and economically vibrant transport hub since ancient times, and there remains a number of historic temples and shrines, as well as streets that retain their historic atmosphere.

Enjoying the Seasonal Attractions in the Area Surrounding the Hotel

Local sightseeing information is provided at the reception.
Please feel free to inquire. We can also arrange taxis for you.

– Moss Phlox (Shibazakura): The flowerbeds of the “Nagisa Promenade” in Nagisa park, a few minutes’ walk from the Hotel around with blossoming moss phlox.
– Cherry Blossom Illuminations (Ishiyama-dera Temple/Mii-dera Temple/Zeze Park): Enjoy nighttime illuminations of the cherry blossoms at sightseeing spots near the Hotel. (Seasonal)

– Swimming Pool: The shape of the pool is based on that of Lake Biwa, with generous dimensions of 90 meters in length and 23 meters in breadth at its broadest point. There is also a children’s pool with a depth of 30 centimeters. * Only open during summer

– Autumn Leaves Illuminations (Ishiyama-dera Temple/Mii-dera Temple): Experience a magical world of color with illuminations of the autumn leaves at night. (Seasonal)

– Cruise Plans: Embark on a casual cruise of Lake Biwa from the pier outside the Hotel. During the November to May period, catch sight of the black-headed gulls, which are migratory birds of the area.

– Lake Biwa Cruise Plans: We have several cruise plans for you to enjoy taking cruises of Lake Biwa from the pier outside the Hotel.
– Rental Cycles: Explore the lakeside of Lake Biwa and the area surrounding the Hotel by bicycle.
– Jogging: Experience the area’s natural beauty as you jog around the coast of Lake Biwa.
– Walking Tour: A walking tour of the city of Otsu. Discover the heart of Otsu as you walk with a guide who knows everything there is to know about the historic city.
– Seta Golf Course: Take in views of Lake Biwa and Mt. Hiei while playing at this 54-hole course nestled in the gentle slopes of the hills.
– Ryuo Golf Course: Look out over the faraway Suzuka Mountains, and enjoy a leisurely 18 holes of golf on the southern Koto Plains.

Excellent Access to Kyoto

JR Kyoto Station is only 10 minutes (two stations) from JR Otsu Station. Under normal conditions, it takes about 10 minutes to reach the Hotel from JR Otsu station by taxi or free shuttle bus.

There is a Prince Hotel Welcome Counter at the JR Kyoto Shinkansen Hachijo Gate.
We will take your luggage at Welcome Counter, allowing you to enjoy your tourism of the city unburdened.
Your luggage will arrive at the Hotel during the evening!
You can also check in or book your lodging at the Welcome Counter.

See here for details about the Prince Hotel Welcome Counter