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Prince Hotel Welcome Counter

(Kyoto Station South Exit, JR Shinkansen Hachijo Exit)
Check-in at the station and go site-seeing hands free without luggage.

The in-station check-in is just on the right side as you get down at Shinkansen Kyoto Station, Hachijo Gate.

*Temporary Closed from Monday, April 20 to Sunday, May 31.

Luggage Delivery System

Prince Hotel Welcome Counter

*Please note in advance that there can be a delay in the delivery of luggage, due to traffic conditions, etc.
*Services of Welcome Counter are limited for the guests with same day reservations.
*In case the counter is congested, we only deposit the luggage.

Welcome Counter Surrounding Map

Prince Hotel Welcome Counter

Terms and Conditions

  • The service is exclusively for guests staying at Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto and Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel.
  • Please follow the hotel’s “Accommodation Agreement”.
  • In case you fail to obey, this may result in refusal of the services and accomodation.
  • The service is only available from guests’ arrival date to their departure date.
  • In case the luggage is not retrieved from us beyond the specified time, the hotel will dispose off the luggage as suitable.
  • There will be no delivery of luggage after business hours.
  • Please note that the hotel does not take responsibility for the loss of goods in case of fire, water disaster, or any other calamity, or in case of loss of deposit reciept. In addition, we are not responsible for the damage to goods and its contents that is not caused by us.
  • Goods such as cash, valuable items, PC, camera, etc, precision equipments, crockery, or any other fragile material cannot be deposited.
  • In addition, animals, dangerous goods, decayed material, perishable substances, difficult to handle goods or other goods decided by the hotel will not be deposited.
  • Guests’ baggage might be delayed in arrival by traffic conditions.
【Prince Hotel Welcome Counter Terms of Service】 (PDF)
Prince Hotel Welcome Counter


welcome counter in JR Kyoto Station

Location: Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit

Hours: 9:00 – 18:00

*Luggae can be deposited at the Welcome Counter till 14:00.

*There is no charge for this service.
*Counter is also available for checking in and making accomodations.
*Only locked-suitcases and bags are accepted.