April 1 , 2021

Food Allergy Response Policy

Accommodations regarding food allergies at our restaurants, banquet facilities, etc. shall cover only the seven specific raw materials (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, dairy, peanuts) that manufacturing companies, etc. (our food suppliers) have an obligation to label under the Food Labeling Act. Guests who wish for accommodations regarding any of these seven specific raw materials are asked to make a request in advance.
To give top priority to the safety of our guests, we regret we are unable to make accommodations regarding ingredients other than the seven specific raw materials.
Guests are asked to acknowledge statements 1-4 below and make their own judgments regarding the patronage of our facilities.

1.At our facilities, as all food and beverages are handled in the same environment, we are unable to completely prevent contamination with minute quantities of an allergen other than the ingredients being used.

2.The allergy information (seven specific raw materials) is based on the ingredient information (food labeling) of the ingredients used and from their manufacturers, etc.

3.If it would be difficult to provide safe food and beverages to a guest, we may decline to provide service to that guest.

4.Some restaurants may not be able to accommodate certain allergies.