July 2 , 2019

About free Internet service by wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

We have introduced a free Internet service via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) connected in all rooms, the lobby, and restaurants. 
You can use it from your PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. 
Security has been enhanced by introducing a network monitoring function and issuing a password for each user. 


■ target portion 
, all rooms 
· 1F and B1 lobby 
, guest lounge (B1) 
– Japanese dining & bar FUGA (tasteful) (25F) 
, buffet dining Prince Marche (B2) 
– The station cafe-bar (B1) 
, a party space Garnet (B1) 
, party space brick (B2) 

■ About use 
The password necessary for Wi-Fi connection will be displayed on the TV screen of the room. 
After entering your device, you can use the service for free. 

【For restaurant and banquet guests other than 
hotel guests】 Please contact the nearby hotel staff to use the hotel’s free Wi-Fi. 
As you will receive a “connection ticket”, please set up your existing device. 

※ Depending on the terminal may not be available. (Please use a terminal that complies with the Wi-Fi Alliance certification.) 
* Please note that we can not accept any responsibility for viral infection, loss of information, and other damages.