July 5 , 2019

"Wi-Fi connection and IP broadcast free connection service" Guidance of all rooms introduction

About Wi-Fi Connection and IP Broadcasting Free Connection Service 
On April 1, 2018, 

we have introduced an Internet service via wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), which is connected with all rooms, the lobby, and the restaurant. 
Guests can use it from their own PCs, smartphones and tablets. 
Security has been enhanced by introducing a network monitoring function and issuing a password for each user. 

With IP broadcasting, if you connect your smartphone or tablet terminal to a Wi-Fi connection provided free of charge by the hotel 
, you can access the room, lobby, restaurant, etc. It is a service that allows you to watch video for free anytime. 
Channels can be selected from a wide variety of 7 channels and about 500 works, and you can enjoy movies, variety animations, and more. 

For customers 
who use it, it is intended for guests. 
The password required for Wi-Fi connection will be displayed on the TV screen of the room. After entering your device, 
you can use the above service for free . 

* Some terminals may not be available. (Please use a terminal that complies with the Wi-Fi Alliance certification.) 
* Please note that we can not accept any responsibility for viral infection, loss of information, and other damages.