KATSURA Drink Selection


獺祭 純米大吟醸 磨き二割三分
Signature bottle delivering delicate floral aromas with a palate reminiscent of honey and an elegant lasting finish.

Glass:(120ml): ¥3,400
Bottle:(720ml): ¥20,000

獺祭 磨き その先へ
Asahi Shuzo crafted Best Sake, DASSAI Beyond, to surpass their forerunner DASSAI 23.
Enjoy a sophisticated palate underpinned by its top-quality rice polishing.

Bottle:(720ml): ¥120,000

純米大吟醸 獺祭 美酔
DASSAI Bisui -Elegantly Tipsy

This new iconic one from Asahi Shuzo is created through impeccable initial fermenting temperature, careful adding water process, and perfect fermenting period. The bottle is designed to indulge in the delicate shift in the flavour of Sake that lingers on your palate. Dassai crafting team offers a unique tipsy experience with the charming new starlet.

Glass:(120ml): ¥4,000
Bottle:(720ml): ¥24,000

獺祭 早田 純米大吟醸 磨き二割三分
DASSAI 23 Hayata

Toji, master brewers, refined the remarkably fresh note of Hayata with top-notch quality pasteurisation in homage to the technique that late Professor Yasuyoshi Hayata developed.

Glass:(120ml): ¥7,400
Bottle:(720ml): ¥44,000