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Tanukidani Fudoin Hiwatari Festival

Tanukidani Fudoin Hiwatari Festival

Tanukidani Fudoin is a Buddhist temple known for its prayers against traffic accidents and cancer, as well as its evil warding effects. It is also home to Musashi’s Waterfall, where Miyamoto Musashi is believed to have honed mind and blade, and is thus revered as a place of training.

The Hiwatari Festival is one of the mountain’s biggest events and a great representation of the temple’s Shugendo practices.

Event outline
Every year on July 28th
1) 6:30 p.m. Main hall visit
2) 7:00 p.m. Lining up at the Hiwatari gate for a Buddhist service
3) 8:00 p.m. Taking off shoes and socks (stockings) to prepare for barefoot firewalking
4) Purifying the bare feet with salt
5) Incantation from the head priest after firewalking
6) Cleansing feet at the foot bath before leaving the temple
*A Hiwatari ofuda (amulet) can be purchased for ¥500 (limited to the day of the festival)

Hiwatari (firewalking) consists of walking across about 5 m of hot ashes, the remains of a pyre, with your bare feet.
After the Tanukidani yamabushi monks have walked across the coals, visitors can follow them and cross the ashes, ofuda in hand, praying for good health and vitality.

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