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A Special Time. A Special Place.

Our Spa & Fitness facilities are available to Spa & Fitness Club members, and also to overnight hotel guests at preferential guest rates. Once you have exercised in our 25 meter indoor heated swimming pool, training gym, aerobics studio or other facilities, you can leisurely refresh your mind and body in our natural hot spring spa. Spa & Fitness club located in the refreshing greenery of the Shiba Park area. Cultivate, realign, repair and refresh both body and mind.
*These facilities may only be used by guests of age 20 or over.

Location 2nd basement
Hours 6:00A.M.- 10:00P.M.
(reception closes 9:30P.M.)


OutlineLocation: B2F

Hours 6:00A.M.-10:00P.M.
(Reception Desk closes at 9:30P.M.)

Contact TEL: 03-5400-1150

Fee Use of all facilities: ¥4,120
Use per facility: ¥2,060
(pool, natural hot springs, sauna, gym)

Age Restrictions
Members: age 25 years or older
Hotel Guests: age 20 years or older
Members’ Guests: age 20 years or older

Rental Wear
(Free-of-Charge) Training wear, shoes, socks, swimwear, swim cap, goggles

Special Conditions and Notifications

Please note that the The Spa & Fitness Club may only be used by guests of age 20 or over. We reserve the right to refuse service to persons who have tattoos or are inebriated.

Pool Area

Swimming PoolSet free both your body and mind within the calming water. This expansive space overflows with natural light from the large windows. Whether swimming or walking, anyone can enjoy gentle exercise in the heated indoor pool. The soft lights and music in the water enhance the relaxing effect. Truly an experience to provide a healing tranquility to body and mind.

Pool Program
There are a variety of programs, such as swimming and aerobic exercise, available

Whirlpool bathThe jets, located in the bottom and sides of the jacuzzi spray a mix of warm water and air, comfortably enveloping the body and massaging the back and legs. The special 4-colored lighting within the water also enhances the relaxing effect.
Gym Area

Training EquipmentThe place to comfortably pursue health and beauty The athletic gym and aerobics studio are completely equipped with state-of-the-art machines by TechnoGym. From the beginner to the professional athlete, anyone can enjoy a comfortable and thorough exercise session. We are dedicated to providing a pleasurable fitness lifestyle.

Italian company TechnoGym, the largest European maker of exercise equipment, was the only official training equipment supplier for FIFA 2010. It has also been selected as the only supplier for the participating athletes’ facilities for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Multi-purpose StudioEveryday a different schedule is offered from among a choice of 8 programs, including yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi Chuan. Please use the Studio Program to balance body and mind and release daily fatigue.

Studio Program
Personal training is available depending on the instructor. (Fee-based)

More Info (After February 1 ,2019)

Spa Area

Natural Hot Springs (Onsen)A Tranquil Space in the Center of Tokyo This natural hot springs, whose water is pumped from a 1,600 meter depth from Shiba Park, contains sodium which is considered beneficial for neuralgia and muscle aches. Forget the cares of work and daily life by unwinding in the soothing Spa atmosphere.

For the indicated symptoms: neuralgia, muscle aches, joint pain, frozen shoulder, bruises, digestive disorders, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, etc.

SaunaUsing an infrared heater, the electromagnetic waves penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous tissue. This allows for a highly effective sauna using a lower temperature.
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