Sanyo-so belongs to the Izu Nagaoka hot springs, Kona district, the origins of the Minamoto clan, and is located by the Kano River. Sanyo-so consists of 10 main buildings and 30 new buildings on a 138,800 m² plot of land. The garden that beautifully reflects the four seasons measures 9,900 m² and offers a glimpse of weeping cherry trees in spring, iris in summer, the changing leaves of maple in autumn, as well as winter cherry trees and Japanese plum in winter. Words cannot express the beauty of this garden. The garden in the center of the compound relaxes visitors with surrounding greenery as well as the sounds of trickling water from the pond. The “Azumaya” building ― which stands on a hill — is the best place to view the entire garden. The main buildings offer a serious look reflecting traditional Japanese construction methods while the new buildings boast the tea-ceremony style houses designed by famed architect Togo Murano.

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