Prince Hotels and guest houses in the Hakone/Lake Ashi area

The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko
The architect Togo Murano designed this hotel in 1878 based on the concept of harmonization with nature. With its guest rooms designed to provide comfort and pleasant sleep, plus full facilities including outdoor hot springs and a spa, this hotel offers a soothing experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

1 minutes walk from Hakone En Cottage West

Hakone En Cottage Camping
These simple cottages enable you to casually enjoy the sensation of the outdoors. Popular activities at the cottages include barbecues surrounded by the great outdoors and hot-spring baths in a forest setting. Two types of cottages, 75 cottages in all, are available made with directly-imported Finnish pine that sets them in beautiful harmony with the surrounding forest. Enjoy a leisurely resort holiday with your family in the great outdoors.

2 minutes walk from Hakone En Cottage West

Ryuguden Hotel
Every room offers a magnificent view of Lake Ashi. The main building is a truly Japanese-style wood constructed building modeled on the famous Byodoin Temple in Uji, Japan. The new building boasts spacious guest rooms with large windows facing the lake and an attached rear floor. Savor Kyoto-style Kaiseki cuisine in the comfort of your room, relax in the large hot spring bath, and let our heartfelt hospitality put your mind at ease.

9 minutes walk from Hakone En Cottage West