January 14, 2024

Sustainability steps

Safe and Secure

At Kawana Hotel, we strive to ensure the safety of food and prevent food accidents by thoroughly managing the quality and hygiene of our kitchen and ingredients, as well as by providing extensive employee training. This is to ensure that our guests can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.


Waste Reduction

To reduce waste, we provide only the necessary amount of amenities in each guest room and have ceased offering plastic cutlery and straws in our restaurant.


The history of Kawana Hotel, which is registered as a tangible cultural property, is deeply connected with the local community. We share stories related to the Hotel through our website, social media, and guided tours within the premises. Additionally, we offer opportunities for eco-tours where guests can learn about the nature of the area from local guides.

Christmas Party to Contemplate”Food Waste” with Local Children

With the cooperation of the Ito City Board of Education, local children from Ito City are invited to decorate a 4.5-meter Christmas tree. In collaboration with our partners, we serve a special menu created by the head chef of Kawana Hotel, using irregularly shaped vegetables that are not normally sold and parts of fish that are not usually used. During this event, we take time to discuss with the children why food waste is a problem, as part of our commitment to our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We actively engage in recruitment activities, including company presentations and lectures by graduates at local high schools and vocational schools.

Company Culture

We are committed to creating a workplace environment where each employee can maximize their potential and find fulfillment in their work. Our efforts are centered around employee health and job satisfaction, and include the following activities:

・We hold in-house golf competitions and regular family social gatherings, valuing not only interaction among employees but also fostering connections with their families.

・We frequently employ women in roles such as caddies and service staff. Regular meetings of the Caddy Committee and the Customer Service Women’s Committee are held to incorporate the perspectives of women in our operations.

・We have established a wide range of policies related to childbirth, childcare, and caregiving. For employees who must resign due to a spouse’s relocation or family caregiving needs, we provide opportunities for reemployment within our group companies. This approach is part of our commitment to creating an organization where a diverse workforce can thrive in alignment with various life events.

・We offer free use of the employee cafeteria for our younger staff members (up to their sixth year with the company).

・We provide free, well-maintained employee dormitories, fully furnished (utility costs of water, heating, and electricity included)