March 19, 2019

SAKURA viewing near Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto

Where to see Sakura blossoms
Here is a guide to locations near Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto where the view of cherry blossoms can be enjoyed. You can gaze at the flowers with ease and comfort in these areas, as there is little congestion. In Kyoto, the cherry blossoms are expected to flower on March 23rd.

[The courtyard of the Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto]
There will be blossoming cherry trees by “Traditional Japanese Tea House,” a restaurant built in the sukiya style and located in the Hotel’s Japanese garden.

The blossoming cherry trees located in the Hotel garden can also be seen from “Main Dining ITO-ZAKURA.”

[Iwakura River bank]
– Directions: 3 minutes walk from the Hotel
The pedestrian footpath along the river, heading towards Iwakura Station is a veritable cherry blossom tunnel. This path is recommended for those making their way to Kifune or Kurama. On the left bank of the river grows Yoshino cherry trees and on the opposite side are double-flowered cherry trees.

[Takaragaike Park]
– Directions: 5 minutes walk from the Hotel (Adjacent to the hotel)
The park adjacent to the Hotel is populated by a variety of cherry blossom trees. On the east side of the park is located the “Sakura Forest”, where beautiful weeping cherry trees can be seen.

[Sohonzan (the head temple of a Buddhist sect) Myoman-ji Temple]
 Directions: 20 minutes walk from the hotel; 5 minutes by taxi on off-peak hours
Located in the corner of the Daishoin grounds is a cherry blossom park. On an average year, the weeping cherry trees there will be in full blossom sometime in between early and mid-April. From March 30th to April 7th an illumination show will also be on display, offering a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the cherry blossoms at night. Car parking is available.

[Matsugasaki Canal]
– Directions: 10 minutes walk from Matsugasaki metro Station; 10 minutes from the Hotel by taxi on off-peak hours
Nestled in a quiet residential area, a row of cherry blossom trees stretching for 1 km can be enjoyed in this little-known spot. Taking a stroll from here to visit the Kyoto Botanical Garden and to enjoy the Nakaragi path is also recommended.

[Kamogawa River bank]
– Directions: 10 minutes walk from Kitayama metro Station; 15 minutes from the Hotel by taxi on off-peak hours
While the Nakaragi path is famous, the riverside further upstream is less congested, and the cherry blossoms can be enjoyed up close.

[Kamigamo-jinja Shrine]
– Directions: 10 minutes from the Hotel by taxi on off-peak hours
Precious trees, including the Saio-zakura and the Gosho-zakura are found in this World Cultural Heritage site.