July 11, 2023

Created in Collaboration with the Renowned Incense House SHOYEIDO

SHOYEIDO is a distinguished incense maker that has been operating in Kyoto for over 300 years, dating back to the mid-Edo period.

In partnership with SHOYEIDO, we have created our Hotel’s exclusive incense TAKARAGAIKE. Designed to embody the spirit of Kyoto, we spent about a year developing this exquisite fragrance to provide our guests with a more enchanting stay. The stick-type incense is available for sale exclusively at our Hotel, allowing guests to take the aroma home.


SHOYEIDO has a history of about 300 years. It traces its roots back to Sasaya, a business established by Moriyoshi Rokuzaemon Hata, who was a village head in Tamba Sasayama. The third generation owner was a master waterman at the Imperial Palace named Moritsune. He began making incense under the name of SHOYEIDO. Ever since, the company has remained dedicated to the craft of incense making. It is now under its 12th-generation owner. With a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills refined by tradition, SHOYEIDO artisans produce various kinds of incense, ranging from religious incense and fragrant wood for tea ceremonies to high-quality stick incense for banquet rooms and inexpensive incense for everyday use. They also foster and enhance the culture of fragrance through various cultural activities such as publishing and workshops.

Our Hotel’s exclusive incense TAKARAGAIKE

The serene yet invigorating floral green scent evokes the seasonal flowers that bloom in the northern parts of Kyoto.
Relax at home with the reminiscences of your trip. We crafted this incense to help you unwind and rejuvenate.
The color of the incense evokes the radiant blue sky. The package depicts the harmony between the Hotel and the verdant nature around it, while the band portrays the flow of pristine water with traditional Japanese patterns.

[Location] First floor of the Hotel (Front Desk and Souvenir Shop)
[Price] ¥1,760 (tax included)
[Description] Incense (stick type); 10 pieces with a simple incense holder