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As a pioneer of MICE in Japan, Prince Hotels offers many unique attractions for visitors from all over the world. Planning is available for classic tourist cities such as Kyoto, Otsu, and Hiroshima, and resorts such as Hakone, Karuizawa, and Furano. We make use of regional charms and seasonal colors to support successful MICE.


Liberate your heart and body in the nature of Hakone with pleasant sporting activities. The hot spa area of Hakone is perfect for relaxing MICE with plenty of activities....

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Rich in untouched nature, immersed in content relaxation. Visitors from around the world are welcomed by the magnificent scenery of Kushiro Wetland and the fascinating na...

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In the scenery of Onuma Quasi-National Park, soak up the nature, food and activities of the north. Active MICE with a taste of Hokkaido's unique charm can be held here. Enjoy ...

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Sapporo, the gateway to Hokkaido − warm, heartfelt exchanges on northern soil . Hokkaido is the home of magnificent nature and a veritable storehouse of food ingredients. It...

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Introducing "Plateau Resort MICE" to the world from the international conference city of Karuizawa . With excellent access from Tokyo (just one hour away by Shinkansen), hospi...

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Hiroshima, the city of international peace and culture. MICE that will capture the heart in a city of World Heritage. This city where everyone prays for peace is an ideal stag...

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Take in the former capital of Japan, which envelops visitors in its history and provides a vivid backdrop for meetings . The historic and cultural city of Kyoto represents Jap...

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MICE full of light and relaxation in a lakeside town that captures the heart . Otsu is located on the shore of Japan's largest and most magnificent lake, Lake Biwa. An open an...

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A bright and liberating seaside location  for fresh and open MICE . Situated near the city center of Tokyo in Oiso in the Shonan region. This comfortable seaside resort h...

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This old eastern city with a historic atmosphere provides a meeting place for business "warriors". The bright sunlight and rolling tide at Kamakura, which looks out to the Pac...

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Shin Yokohama

This new MICE city open to all is in a developed area in the cosmopolitan city of Yokohama . Shin Yokohama continues to develop as the new face of cosmopolitan Yokohama City. ...

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TOKYO MICE variation is expanding to link the features of Edo and modern-day Tokyo . Shiba Park near Toranomon and Kasumigaseki offers fascinating interactions that inclu...

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Prince Tokyo MICE City at the entrance to Tokyo has great access to Haneda and a wealth of functions. The Takanawa/Shinagawa area is convenient for domestic and international ...

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