June 21, 2018

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel Renewal News Vol.1 “Concept”

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel, in April 2018, has finished renovations for the lobby, lounge, restaurant, and all of the 529 guestrooms started in December 2016.
In the first issue of the Renewal News, we will show the lobby and different types of guestrooms designed to let you enjoy nature near Biwa Lake from your arrival to your departure.


  • The Hotel’s concept is “Box seats at Lake Biwa”
    We strive to create a relaxing environment where our guests can feel embraced by nature’s warmth while enjoying Biwa Lake’s luscious panorama.
  • Lobby “Lively Port”
    A space inspired by a port on Lake Biwa, where people meet and come and go.
  • Lake Foloor “Lake Bright”
    A bright and refreshing atmosphere inspired by Biwa Lake’s water, perfect for families and groups.
  • Sky Floor “Sky Chic”
    A resort-like elegant space inspired by the 180-degree view of Biwa’s “sky” and “lake” as seen from the guestrooms.
  • EIZAN Floor “Forest Luxe”
    An especially luxurious relaxing space typical of rooms in the uppermost floors, inspired by the foot of the mountain facing Biwa Lake.
Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel Renewal News Vol.1 “Concept”