December 9, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for booking Ryuguden or are considering to reserve our ryokan as your stay in Hakone.
Here is Frequently Asked Questions from the guests who have stayed at Ryuguden.
If you still got any questions after you read this, please feel free to mail us directly to .
We are happy to assist you with your stay at here. 🙂

|About Reservation

Q1: I can not reserve on your website, why?
A1: The date you have choosen might be full-booking right now.
  Choose another date to check if is available or contact us for more information.

Q2: I want to reserve rooms for a group!
A2: Please contact our reservation team ( to arrange the accommodation.

Q3: I will drive to your hotel, do I need to reserve parking space? Is there any extra charge?
A3: No, you do not need to reserve a parking space, and it is free for staying guests.

Q4:Does package include meals? When is meal times? Do I need to reserve in advance?
A4: All of our package are include dinner and breakfast.
  ―Breakfast : 8:00A.M. / 8:30A.M. / 9:00A.M.
  ―Dinner : 6:00P.M. / 7:00P.M. (dinner hours may vary depending on the season.)
  You can reserve meal hours by mail in advance or decide when you arrive.
  * Reservations placed on some websites may not include breakfasts/dinners for infants. Please check with our staff for more information.

Q5: I am a vegetarian, do your restaurants offer vegetarian meals?
A5: Yes, we offer vegetarian meals, but you need to inform us at least 3 days before your stay.
  And it will be very helpful if you can tell our staff what you can eat or not by mail or phone call.

Q6: Do you charge for child?
A6: Yes, child between 3-6 years old need to pay facility usage fee of ¥1,650.
  Regardless of a child’s age, we charge an extra fee to provide children’s bedding (¥3,300)/meals.

|About Guest Room

Q1: I would like to reserve room with lake / Mt. Fuji view!
A1: You can see Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji from all of our room.

Q2: I would like to reserve a Western style room!
A2: Sorry that we only have Japanese style tatami room in Ryuguden.
  But you can reserve The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko or Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel for Western style room.
  ☞Tell me about The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko!
  ☞Tell me about Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel!

Q3: Do you have any private onsen? Or the room with onsen?
A3: We do not have any private onsen, but there are 3 special rooms with private indoor onsen in Ryuguden.
  Please contact our staff for vacancy.

Q4: How can I reserve a Non-smoking room?
A4: Since we only have 24 rooms in total, so all of our rooms are smoking room.
  But we can deodorize it and remove the ashtray for you, Please inform us in advance.

|About Pick-up Service (Free Shuttle Service)

Q1: Do you offer Pick-up Service everyday? I would like to know the time schedule of your Free Shuttle Service.
A1: Yes, Our shuttle bus runs everyday. But it might stop due to abysmal weather.
  From Odawara Station: 11:45A.M. / 2:00P.M. / 4:10P.M.
  From Hotel: 10:30A.M. / 1:00P.M. / 3:10P.M.
  < Additional schedule : * Saturdays and holidays>

Q2: Do you offer Pick-up Service from Hakone-Yumoto Station?
A2: Sorry that we only pick-up at Odawara Station.

Q3: Do I need to reserve Pick-up Service? How can I reserve?
A3: Yes, since the seats is limited,
  please contact our staff by e-mail or phone call if you would like to use our Pick-up Service.
  Also it will be very helpful to inform us in advance if you will have large/ trunk size suitcase with you.
  We might refuse to accept new reservation if shuttle is fully booked.

Q4: I have reserved your Pick-up Service from Odawara Station, do I need to reserve back trip shuttle?
A4: Yes, you need to reserve a back trip shuttle if you would like to use.
  Please inform our staff before you come here or when you check-in.

Q5: How can I find your shuttle bus?
A5: Our shuttle bus will stop at Odawara Station West Exit.
  You will found a Samurai statue after you go out from West Exit.
  Our shuttle bus will stop in front of the statue, it is a white bus with logo “Prince Hotels” on it.
  Please find the driver and tell him your reservation name, then you can get on the shuttle bus.

Q6: The train I took is delayed, can your shuttle bus wait for a second?
A6: Since we share the same bus with The Prince Hakone Lake Ashinoko,
  I am affraid that our shuttle bus will departure on time.

Q7: How can I get to hotel if I miss the shuttle bus?
A7: If the next shuttle is still available, you can take next bus to come here. (Please confirm with staff in advance)
  Take Izu-Hakone Bus goes to Hakone-en that departure from Odawara station East Exit, Bus stop NO.5.
  Get off the bus at “Ryuguden-mae” or “Hakone-en”.
  (It takes about 3 minutes walk from Hakone-en to Ryuguden.)
  Take Hakone Tozan Bus goes to “Moto-Hakone” that departure from Odawara Station East Exit.
  Get off the bus at“Hakone Jinja-iriguchi”, then transfer to our free circulation bus from Moto-Hakone.
  Please get off the circulation bus at Ryuguden Main Building, and walk about 1 minute to Ryuguden Annex Building.
  I want to know the timetable of free circulation bus from Moto-Hakone!

Q8: Can I leave luggage in your free shuttle bus and go to sightseeing?
A8: Sorry that we do not offer luggage deliver service, we need owners to accompany their luggage on the shuttle bus.
  What if I want to deliver the luggages to hotel before check-in?

Q9: It is time, but I can not find your shuttle bus. I have waiting from 10 minutes ago, why?
A9: We are sorry for keep you waiting, there might be some unexpectable road condition.
  Our staff will contact you if you have leave a phone number when you reserve shuttle;
  if not, it will be very kindful if you can mail / call us to confirm.
  ✉ 📞 +81-460-83-1121

|About Access(Public Transport)

Q1: Can I use Hakone Freepass to get to your hotel?
A1: You can not use Hakone Freepass to get here directly.
  You need to transfer into free shuttle bus at Moto-Hakone or
  walk 10 minutes from Togendai-ko to Kojiri, then transfer into Izu-Hakone bus that goes to Hakone-en to come here.
  (Get off the bus at Ryuguden-mae)

Q2: How can I get to your hotel from Moto-Hakone?
A2: You can take free circulation bus to come to Ryuguden Annex Building.
  (Get off the bus at Ryuguden Main Building, then walk about 1 minute.)
  ☞Where can I find free circulation bus at Moto-Hakone?

Q3: How can I get to your hotel from Hakone-Yumoto?
Q3: There are 3 ways to come here.
  Take Izu Hakone Bus departure from bus stop NO.1(across from the station ), for “Hakone-en”.
  Get off the bus at “Ryuguden-mae”. Or get of at “Hakone-en” then walk about 3 minutes.
  Hakone Tozan Bus departure from bus stop NO.2/4 (across from the station ), for “Moto-Hakone”.
  Get off the bus at “Hakone-Jinja iriguchi”, then walk about 2 minutes to catch free circulation bus.
  Get off the circulation bus at Ryuguden Main Building and walk about 1 minutes.
  About 30 minutes by taxi(approx ¥6,900).

Q4: I want to go to Gotemba Premium Outlet!
A4: Take Odakyu Highway Bus route W from Hakone-en to “Gotemba station”,
  than transfer into Gotemba Premium Outlet Shuttle Bus (runs every 15 minutes).

Q5: I want to go to Lake Kawaguchi / Fuji Five Lakes / Mt. Fuji, how can I get there? Should I go during my stay in Hakone or…?
A5: Take Odakyu Highway Bus route W from Hakone-en to “Gotemba station”, then transfer to Fujikyu Bus.
  ☞To see timetable for Fujikyu Bus.
  We suggest you to go after you check-out since getting back to Hakone before dinner time will make it a busy trip.

|About Onsen

Q1: What time does onsen close?
A1: For morning, onsen open from 5:00A.M. to 10:00A.M.
  For afternoon, open from 2:00P.M. to 1:00A.M.

Q2: Do I need to bring towels for onsen?
A2: No, towels are prepared in the onsen.
  But if you are going to use onsen in Ryuguden Main Building, please bring towels with you.
  * Staying guest of Ryuguden Annex Building can use onsen for free.

Q3: I am not a staying guest, can I use your onsen?
A3: Ryuguden Main Building is also open to day-trip guest.
  You can enjoy onsen, lunch, and massage in Ryuguden Main Building.

Q4: Is there anything that I should be careful when using onsen?
A4: YES, there are some rules for using onsen in Japan,
  like you can not wear swimsuit, can not take photos, or the people are tattooed cannot use onsen…
  ☞I want to know more about it! (Link to The Prince Hakone Ashinoko)

Q5: Can I take my baby with me when using onsen?
A5: I am sorry that guests are still using diaper can not use onsen in Ryuguden Main Building.

|The Other Questions

Q1: Do your hotel accept Hakone Carry Service?
A1: YES, we do.
  If you are sending luggage to Hakone-Yumoto station, please contact us by 10:00A.M. on departure date,
  or the company would not come to collect the luggages.
  ☞To know more about Carry Service.

Q2: Is there any Convenience store nearby?
A2: There are 2 convenience store in Moto-Hakone, LAWSON and 7-11.
  You can get there by free circulation bus, or walk about 40 minutes.