This spectacular garden shows off the delights of each of the four seasons throughout its approximately 9,900 m² grounds.

See the weeping cherry trees, the white enkianthus shrubs, and the dwarf azalea trees in spring, the irises in summer,
the autumnal tints of the maple leaves and the enkianthus in fall, and the winter cherry trees and Japanese plum trees in winter.
Words alone cannot capture their beauty.

The center of the park features a pond, treating visitors to the soothing sound of water as they enjoy their peaceful surroundings.
To get a grand view of the garden, we suggest dropping by the Azumaya building, which stands at the top of a hill.
This offers a fantastic viewpoint to see Sanyo-so in all of its glory.

Sanyo-so lets you immerse yourself in both the dignified atmosphere of traditional Japanese architecture, faithfully kept alive today,
and the modern atmosphere of the new buildings designed by celebrated architect Togo Murano.