June 19, 2024

Introducing our Summer Menu

From June 16th (Sunday) to September 15th (Sunday), we will be offering a summer menu.

Celebrate special moments: The “Tsuru” Course
We serve salt-grilled Shizuoka ayu (sweetfish) and a Shizuoka-Sodachi (Shizuoka-grown beef) fillet steak with sansho pepper sauce.
Enjoy the fragrant, rich flavor and tender, plump texture of the ayu.
For the main staple, enjoy “Izu-no-Megumi” brand rice cooked in a clay pot, generously topped with boiled shirasu (whitebait) from Suruga Bay.

Hostess’s favorite: The “Matsu” Course
For your seasonal dish, we offer sea grapes from Numazu, and for the grilled dish, enjoy salt-grilled ayu (sweetfish) from Susono.
Delight in the unique, popping texture of the farmed sea grapes from Numazu.
Additionally, savor Shizuoka’s premium “Kin-Ton-Oh” pork served in a salt hot pot and wagyu sirloin steak accompanied by a tangy yuzukosho (yuzu and chili) sauce.

The “Sakura” Course
Enjoy Shizuoka’s premium “Kin-Ton-Oh” pork in a salt hot pot.
Additionally, savor flounder grilled with tade (knotweed) and wagyu roast beef with yuzukosho dressing.