Restaurant Breakfast Reservation Information

(Karuizawa Prince Hotel West ・East, The Prince Karuizawa)

We provide information on the operating hours of each restaurant at Karuizawa Prince Hotel and breakfast reservations.
Please refer to this when using the restaurants.

*Breakfast reservations are required for all guests.
*Please make reservations for seating via the website.

Restaurant operating schedule can be found here.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West


【Japanese & Western Breakfast Buffet】
We offer a morning buffet featuring a colorful array of vegetables in Western cuisine and a nostalgic yet new Japanese cuisine, which reproduces the flavors and cooking methods passed down in Shinshu.

Japanese Restaurant Karamatsu

【Japanese Set Meal】
Enjoy a traditional Japanese breakfast featuring freshly cooked rice using locally sourced “Gorobei rice” from Nagano prefecture, cooked in a traditional pot, and Shinshu miso soup. You can also savor seasonal side dishes focusing on vegetables and fish, served in a wooden box.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill

【Skillet Western Breakfast】
Experience a highland breakfast at All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill, with the concept of “Blessings of Shinshu, the Earth’s Land.” Enjoy the unique cooking method of “Grill! Roast! Bake!” that is characteristic of the Karuizawa Grill.

Restaurant PORTO

【Japanese & Western Cuisine Cafeteria Buffet】
We offer a morning buffet featuring Japanese and Western dishes with plenty of colorful vegetables. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast while admiring the view outside the window and savoring the tranquil morning moments.

The Prince Karuizawa

Dining Room Beaux Sejours

【Beau Soleil Breakfast】
Start your morning at Restaurant Beau Soleil, overlooking the sparkling sunlight filtering through the trees and the ripples on the lake surface in Karuizawa.

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