22 November 2018

Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel Renewal News vol.5 “Artwork made with local specialty products”

Shiga Prefecture produces a wide variety of traditional local products closely linked to Japan’s history and prosperous growth.
In renovating all of our guest rooms, the Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel has installed a new set of artwork.

On the Sky Floors, we have a Koto hemp tapestry with a rainbow theme, and in select rooms of our EIZAN Floors, we have original art panels made with Japanese fan ribs – evoking the imagery of trees – from the Takashima region. In our Royal Suites on the EIZAN Floors, not only do we offer higher-grade Takashima region fan rib artworks, but also Lake Biwa pearls and Shigaraki wares from the Koka region exhibited on our display shelves.
These original works of art, which evoke the blessings of Lake Biwa and the landscape of Shiga, are must-see items.

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