November 22, 2017

Guest rooms on floors 21-35, the Entrance Lobby, and the Lobby Lounge are open after renovations.

Built on the shores of Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake, Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel has been designed with concept of “Box seats at Lake Biwa.” With an outlook over the magnificent Lake Biwa, these spaces have been renewed to allow guests to enjoy the warmth of nature and a comfortingly elegant atmosphere.

Lobby – First floor

Lively Port
The lobby has been designed as a port on Lake Biwa where people can come and go together.
A bustling resort reception opens the door to your journey.

– Entrance Lobby
The entrance lobby has been reborn with an open and spacious atmosphere, where guests are surrounded by the gentle breezes from Lake Biwa, the image of water, and the warmth and activity of people.
We welcome everyone with the comforting feeling of the waters of Lake Biwa.

– Lobby Lounge
Even among the bustle, guests can enjoy a mature resort atmosphere in the waterfront lounge. Takeaway breads and cakes are available from the newly installed island counter where a menu of locally sourced food is available.

Sky Floor – Floors 21-32

Sky Chic
Designed based on the skies and water that can be seen from the room’s 180 degree view of Lake Biwa, these rooms have an high quality atmosphere and the feel of a resort.


Notes of elegant greige and blue based on the colors of the endless expanse of the Lake Biwa skies have been combined with orange chairs designed to reflect an image of streaming sunlight.
Artwork based on the rainbows that sometimes appear allow guests to experience yet another sense of Lake Biwa, Otsu.

Eizan Floor – Floors 33-35

Forest Luxe
A relaxing space only available on the higher floors, these rooms have been designed to reflect the views of the base of the mountains seen from Lake Biwa.


Rooms feature subdued greens and browns based on the views of Mt Hiei mountains visible from the guest rooms, as well as carpets and artworks as accents that allow guests to feel a connection with nature.
A day bed by the windows allows guests to enjoy the views from the high stories, providing an even more atmospheric experience.
The newly built 96㎡ corner Royal Suite can be used for a variety of purposes. This suite has been designed for the highest quality of comfort in order to provide guests with an even more relaxing hotel life.

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