January 17, 2024

Sustainability Steps

Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel is committed to constantly delivering practices that not only contribute to planetary well-being but also enhance a hotel’s image among environmentally conscious guests. 

Below are some of the recent actions:


Embracing a greener journey, the hotel switched from conventional plastic PET bottles to sleek aluminum alternatives. 

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum ranks among the safest materials for beverage containers making the switch an obvious choice over single-use plastic. Now the bottled water available in the guest rooms provided in a bottle elegant and stylish yet durable enough to accompany hotel guests on their upcoming adventures.


Horizontal recycling is a part of an initiative to support the recycling of hotel amenities, referring to processing used items into raw materials to reproduce the original product.

Used toothbrushes are collected and shipped to a specialized factory where they undergo sorting, cleaning, washing, and shredding in preparation for future processing, and eventually transformed into a new product, conserving resources and reducing environmental impact.


Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel shifts disposable amenities previously found in the guest rooms to a self-service amenity bar. The amenity bar is a refreshing departure from the traditional approach to hospitality. Guests are presented with a mindful selection of amenities and this personalized approach is a bold statement against unnecessary waste as the amenity bar encourages them to make eco-conscious choices and to take only the essential products for the stay. The amenity bar is more than just a convenience, it is a small yet impactful step towards preserving our planet and contributing to a more sustainable future. At Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel, amenities used in guest rooms are made available at the amenity bar next to the front desk counter. By allowing guests to freely choose the type and amount of amenities they need, we hope to make their stay not just memorable but also eco-conscious. Amenities include Moisturizing lotion, Moisturizing milk, Face wash, Liquid cleanser, Hair treatment, Cotton pad, Cotton swabs, Hair tie, Hairbrush, Razor, Shaving cream, Body towel, and Shower cap. Amenities available in the guest rooms: Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Hand soap, Toothbrush, and Washable slippers.


Other efforts towards sustainable hospitality can be seen in the guest rooms where each bathroom features a colorful sheet made from the byproduct of leather manufacturing produced by the Leather Development Corporation, a leather goods manufacturing company located in the same area as the hotel, with the message “To minimize wastage, please use up all provided toilet paper”. Stepping away from the traditional course of action when the half-used toilet paper is discarded and replaced with a fresh roll during the room cleaning process, Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel has introduced a new, crucial for minimizing environmental harm initiative, when the toilet paper will only be replaced when the roll nears completion.


Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel trades paper for a seamless online experience and replaces paper-based hotel information with a digital service making all hotel infrastructure available at the guest’s fingertips.

Readily accessible from the smartphone, the platform supports four languages and provides a full hotel guide including Bath House, Wi-Fi, Restaurant, Laundromat, Kids Room, Rental Items and Amenities, Fitness Room, Access, Parking, Convenience Store, Currency Exchange, Smoking Room, FAQ, Feedback, In Room Spa and Tokyo Travel Guide.


Undergoing the renovation, conventional laundry has been replaced with unique detergent-free machines provided by the 「wash+ 」.

As a response to guest’s feedback and the increase in demand for laundry facilities, five washing machines and five dryers each have been installed, greatly improving the turnover rate of the laundry. 

New washing machines use colorless and odorless alkaline ionized electrolyzed water allowing to wash clothes by the power of ions, not detergents. It achieves high cleaning and deodorizing power without using any detergent and contains no synthetic chemicals, making it safe to use even for those with sensitive skin. The IoT system installed in the equipment is linked to a smartphone application and allows the guest to check the availability of the equipment and notify the end of washing and drying, as well as supporting cashless payment. 


Tokyo Bay Shiomi Prince Hotel replaced harmful chlorine with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly disinfectant, introducing the Fine Bubble Infused Electrolyzed Water.

Used to disinfect public areas as well as guest rooms, the functional water is unlike previous generations of cleaning solutions. The electrolyzed water’s microscopic bubbles are 1 billionth of a meter in size, allowing them to reach even the smallest cracks to eliminate stains and bacteria without harmful by-products. Functional water does not pose health risks associated with chlorine exposure making it environment and human-friendly and therefore a much more preferred alternative. A state-of-the-art, patented technology, is now receiving the spotlight in the fields of agriculture, food processing, and medicine.

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