January 18, 2024

Sustainability steps

At Seibu Group, we strive for vigorous, sustainable growth for both society and our company by devising solutions to the challenges of forming a sustainable society through a wide range of business and services we operate based on the “group vision” action plan for every employee in our group. We call these efforts to realize a sustainable society “sustainability actions,” and every company in our group is working to achieve sustainable growth.

Here is an introduction to Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel’s sustainability actions to realize a more sustainable society.

Kanagawa’s first binary-cycle power installation

How it works…

Binary-cycle power generation is a method that uses steam heat (136°C) to vaporize a chlorofluorocarbon alternative with a low boiling point (15°C). The resulting vapor drives a turbine that produces electricity. It is a clean energy solution that emits no CO₂ by harnessing thermal energy.

[Binary-cycle power generation facility]

At Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel, we use green energy from hot spring heat for cooling, heating and hot water supply. By adding a binary-cycle power generation facility, we can optimize the use of hot spring heat and supply about 20% of the electricity we consume at the Hotel. These initiatives will lower our annual CO₂ emissions by about 187t-CO₂ (equivalent to about 21.3ha of forest land), and slash our CO₂ footprint by 63%.

‐ Use of Electric Golf Carts (Hakone Yunohana Golf Course)

We have introduced and operate battery-powered golf carts instead of gasoline-driven carts.

– Waste Reduction

We provide only the necessary number of guest room amenities (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc.), and we no longer provide disposable toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.) in guest rooms or disposable tableware/cutlery in the restaurant.

– Environmentally-friendly Maintenance (Hakone Yunohana Golf Course)

For maintenance of the green, we choose fertilizers which are gentle on wildlife and the environment.

– Local Food

We serve a menu prepared with ingredients from the local area, such as Hakone Seiroku beef and Tanna milk. (We may change the ingredients of dishes on a seasonal basis.)

‐ Food Safety

We have established a food safety month, and hold regular training sessions for all staff.

– Fire Drills

We conduct regular fire drills to ensure that staff can prioritize the safety of guests, and smoothly guide them in an emergency.