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EAN Charyo

Tea House nestled in a beautifully manicured Japanese garden.
Beautifully-prepared Kaiseki cuisine will be served by attentive waiters in Kimono attire.
The effortlessly elegant dining rooms and tea rooms are destinations in their own right.

EAN Charyo
EAN Charyo
EAN Charyo

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Seating: 22 (2 private rooms included)

  • Lunch: ¥22,000~
  • Dinner: ¥22,000~

Private room: PDF
Location: In the Japanese Garden

About Ean

In the Japanese garden, you will happen upon a secret sanctuary in the serenity of an urban oasis.
Acclaimed designer Togo Murano edified the architectural magnum opus. In every room, classic comfort with a sophisticated touch prevail.
To complement the Sukiya-zukuri-influenced interior, we offer Japanese classics.


Katsutoshi Tojima
Features his distinctive take on artisanal Kaiseki cuisine, celebrating seasonal bounty.

With a focus on fresh Japanese produce, our chefs have been refining the art of Kaiseki.
His beautifully prepared Kaiseki course showcases the best way to appreciate Japanese aesthetics and provides an unrivalled culinary experience.

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Tea Ceremony

Host a celebratory private tea party.
In the elegant ambience, you can learn the principles of the tea ceremony, inherited over centuries from its advent.

*Our tea rooms are available for planning and hosting tea ceremonies by yourself.
*Please bring your own tea utensils to host a tea ceremony.
*Please refrain from bringing a meal to the tea room.

Private rooms & Tea rooms

Individual rooms are a premier destination for special celebrations, tea ceremonies, intimate gatherings, sophisticated business meetings and more.


Akebono-no-ma Capacity: 6 to 18 people
Book a Private room: Akebono-no-ma


Tsuki-no-ma Capacity: 3 to 4 people
Constructed in homage to Zangetsu-tei in Kyoto.
The indirect lighting, filtered through the lattice ceiling, creates a comfortable tranquillity.
You can enjoy a sophisticated dining scene here, basking in gentle moonlight.
Book a Private room: Tsuki-no-ma


Ko-no-ma Tea room


Private room paying homage to national treasure Nyoan tea room, renowned for its architectural equipment: Uraku-style window and lattice ceiling.

Private room: PDF


Terms & Conditions

*Please make a reservation at least 5 days in advance.
*Your request is not confirmed until we contact you by phone or E-mail the following day.
*Price includes consumption tax. An additional 18% will be added for the service charge.
*Available for private use.
*Reservation required.

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