WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant

A feast for all the senses. The finest seasonal ingredients are prepared before your eyes.

WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant
WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant

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Lunch Menu(PDF) : ¥2,500~
Dinner Menu(PDF) : ¥4,500~

Lunch: 11.30A.M. – 3.00P.M. (L.O. 2.30P.M.)
Dinner: 5.30P.M. – 9.30P.M. (L.O. 9.00P.M.)
Location: Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa 1st floor
Seating: 61 (2 private rooms)

*Closed on Wednesday apart from public holidays.


About Tempura Wakatake

Guests can observe skilful preparation with a lively presentation.
Wakatake, Temple of Tempra, captivates your senses with its individual culinary show.

Eclectic ingredients

Our artisans prepare expertly classic Tempura dishes, seeking out the best of fresh Japanese produce with respect for tradition.

Tiger prawn is a perennial favourite, whilst conger eel and sillago are also here to experience the genuine Tempura cuisine. You can savour their subtle flavours with our salt selection, perfectly complementing to fresh catches.

Seasonal fare

Embrace the seasonal ingredients with our chef’s tempura creation, Kawari-age, skillfully prepared with a playful approach.

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Tencha is a sensational postlude to Tempura courses.
Umami derived from Tempura ingredients creates a perfect combination with refreshing green tea.

Sweet potato dessert

Maruju sweet potato Tempura dessert, named after the Shimazu clan’s emblem in Kagoshima prefecture, is our clientele’s hidden favourite.
The treat with vanilla ice cream and mellow treacle is something to end a perfect Tempura course.

Drink selection

Besides sought-after Sake, there are a wide array of home-grown drinks such as Shochu or even Japanese wine.
They pair fantastically with Tempura creation.


Table & Tempura Counter

Table seats
Enjoy a traditional Tempura selection casually at window-side tables.

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Tempura Counter seats
À la minute tempura, crafted before your eyes, is simply visual appeal.
*Advanced booking Tempura Counter is highly recommended.

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Private Dining Room

private room equipped with counter

Casual dining room

Wakatake offers private dining rooms ideal for intimate gatherings, special celebrations, and sophisticated business events and more.

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Kazuto Andou
We have been in pursuit of the art of Edomae-tempura, celebrating seasonal delicacies.
Allow us to whisk you away on an entertaining dining experience.


Terms & Conditions

*Price includes consumption tax. An additional 13% will be added for service charge.
*Please note that we may not always be able to meet your seating requests.



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