LE TRIANON French Restaurant

We offer authentic French cuisine with a contemporary take on the traditional flavours inherited from generation after generation since our establishment in 1971.
Enjoy cuisine that combines seasonal ingredients with a chef’s flash of imagination while taking in views of the lush green garden.

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LE TRIANON French Restaurant
LE TRIANON French Restaurant
LE TRIANON French Restaurant


Lunch Menu(PDF)
Dinner Menu(PDF)

Lunch: 11.30A.M. – 3.00P.M. (L.O. 2.30P.M.)
Dinner: 5.30P.M. – 9.30P.M. (L.O. 8.30P.M.)
Location: Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa 1st floor
Seating: 72 (2 private rooms)
Child policy
Only children who are over 7 years may enter the restaurant.
Please note that preschool children are welcome in private rooms.

*Open on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays only.


Signature dishes

Yoshimoto, who honed his skills at the feet of prominent chefs of starred restaurants in the Provence region of France, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having explored renowned restaurants in the South of France, he found that the Bouillabaisse is distinct from the delicate and clear recipes embraced in Japan. Instead, it boasts a rich, spicy, and exquisitely aromatic “essence of umami.”
With this vibrant and authentic recipe from the heartland of France, Yoshimoto has returned to Japan to present a Bouillabaisse that is further evolved through his own interpretation, here at Le Trianon.

Akaushi Wagyu beef
Rare and coveted gem, the Akaushi – a hidden treasure of exceptional value.

With its enticing aroma, reminiscent of the finest Wagyu, and a delectable blend of tender lean meat, this healthy Japanese beef truly stands apart. Drawing inspiration from the essence of French cuisine, which holds lean meat as its culinary foundation, Yoshimoto has ingeniously crafted a new signature dish.
Allow the perfectly balanced and exquisite Akaushi lean meat to be elevated by an enchanting sauce, promising an unparalleled marriage of flavours with the finest wines.
A true culinary masterpiece awaits, showcasing the harmony between the Akaushi and the art of gastronomy.

Private dining room

Le Trianon, named after Le Petit Trianon, much-loved by Marie Antoinette, offers private dining rooms ideal for intimate gatherings, special celebrations, sophisticated business events and more.


Light-filled room facing to Japanese garden
Capacity: 4 – 8 people

Comfortable dining room reminiscent of eponymous elegance.
Capacity: 8 – 14 people

Reserve a private room

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Chef Kenji Yoshimoto

I believe the key is to truly connect with the ingredients.

Every single day, we deal with those subtle shifts in the ingredients, constantly tweaking and refining each dish. And, the most delightful part is when we come across those fabulous produce brought to life by passionate producers. It sparks such inspiration, and that’s what gives birth to our culinary masterpieces. It’s what makes French cuisine so special, if you ask me.

One of the remarkable aspects of French cuisine lies in its art of ageing. Fresh ingredients are, of course, best enjoyed when they’re at their freshest. But on the other hand, certain ingredients benefit from a proper ageing process, allowing their flavours to concentrate and their aromas to heighten.
We’re always mindful of bringing out the full potential of each produce, crafting new and delectable dishes with utmost care and dedication.
And when it comes to those essential French sauces, we spare no effort in using carefully prepared stocks, reductions, and plenty of wine to achieve that exquisite finish.
We will also ensure a delightful harmony with wine, providing a truly blissful dining experience.


Career History
2009: achieved 4th place at the Escoffier International Culinary Competition held in Geneva, Switzerland.
2011: pursued culinary apprenticeship at Michelin-starred restaurants in Nice and Menton, France.
2016: achieved 3rd place at the 50th edition of Le Taittinger International Culinary Award held in Paris.



Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy
*Please arrive on time before your dining is due to start as this will allow the culinary team to prepare your dishes.
*Please note that your reservation may be cancelled if you do not show up 30 minutes after your appointment time.
*Cancellation policy is applied as follows: 100% of cancellation fee no contact / no show, 50% cancellation fee prior to 1 day and 0% cancellation fee prior to 2 days of booking.
*Any cancellation must be made by 11.59 pm local time, 2 day prior to scheduled arrival to avoid a penalty charge.

*Price includes consumption tax. An additional 15% will be added for service charge.
*Product image for illustration purposes only.

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