Prince Snow Resorts

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There are different types of Prince Hotels at the bottom of the ski area. Choose from a variety of individual Cottages, or Twin Rooms and Suites — all designed for supreme comfort.

The Prince Villa Karuizawa

Enjoy your relaxing time in a high quality villa with courteous hotel service.

The Prince Karuizawa

A higher–grade hotel located by a lake, offers ultimate luxury with fine dining, twin guest rooms and 4-person family rooms.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

Twin Rooms with nature motifs, and different Cottage styles including pet-friendly Dog and Cat Cottages.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West

(Premium Wing opened April, 2021)
Cottages nestled among the beautiful natural environment, and Twin Rooms connected with natural scenery through the windows.


Karuizawa Prince Hotel East

[All Day Dining Karuizawa Grill]
A menu of oven roasted and grilled meals made with Shinshu ingredients is offered, based on the concept of "the power of the soil and the blessings of Shinshu."
[Sukiyaki Shabu-Shabu Teppanyaki SOFU]
Enjoy a Japanese menu featuring ingredients from Shinshu in a space decorated with a traditional Japanese cedar leaf motif.
[Teppanyaki Mori (inside Sukiyaki Shabu-Shabu Teppanyaki SOFU)]
Enjoy the flavors of Shinshu until your heart is content at the counter seating, where your meal is cooked right in front of your eyes.
[Restaurant PORTO]
Enjoy a Japanese and Western buffet while looking out over the natural scenery. Dogs are also welcome at the terrace seating.

Karuizawa Prince Hotel West

[Japanese Restaurant Karamatsu]
Experience grilled seafood prepared in the open kitchen, Nagano rice prepared in special vessels, and the amazing culture of Japan.
Enjoy dishes however you like from a wide variety of Western, Japanese, and Chinese styles.
[Chinese Restaurant Tohri]
Enjoy authentic Chinese food from alacarte to full course.

The Prince Karuizwa

[Dining Room Beaux Sejours]
Savor our French cuisine while looking at the beautiful scenery through the panoramic windows.
[Library Cafe Rindo]
This lounge is exclusively for guests staying at The Prince Karuizawa. Spend a relaxing afternoon teatime admiring the verdant courtyard.
[Windsor Bar]
We offer counter seating where even a single person may enjoy their time, and have a wide variety of the world’s finest labels.

Around the hotels

There are a lot of restaurants in Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. You can also stroll to the traditional resort town Karuizawa for a gourmet experience.

Hot Springs


(Opened April, 2021)
The indoor bath with large window puts you in touch with the turning of the four seasons. In autumn, the outdoor bath commands a view of Mount Momiji, showing off the beautiful, vivid red leaves of its maple trees.
※MOMIJI HOT-SPRING is not available for guests staying in East.
※For hotel guests only.

Forest Hot-Spring

Hotel East features the resort’s main hot springs with outdoor bath and sauna. Ladies will love the wide variety of massage and facial treatments in the spa.

  • ※Forest Hot Spring is not available for guests staying in West and East cottage.
  • ※For hotel guests only.
  • For more information

Karuizawa Sengataki Hot Springs

You can enjoy various hot spring baths including the outdoor baths in the quiet garden, and Finnish Cottage Sauna.


Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

A massive shopping mall with about 240 unique shops. Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza, made up of five different areas, has a full selection of not only brand name goods, but also daily goods, souvenirs, and restaurants.

Kyu Karuizawa Ginza

For a more traditional feel, Kyu Karuizawa Ginza hosts a dazzling array of boutiques, antique shops, bakeries, cafes and distinctive souvenir stores.


Onioshidashi Park

This bare expanse of rock testifies to the power of Mt. Asama’s great eruption in 1783.

Seizon Museum of Modern Art

A modern art museum that has gained a high reputation as a living art gallery.

Asama Shirane Volcano Route

60km long highway that cuts right through the Joshinetsu Kogen National Park.