Dining & Bar

Featured at the hotel is WASHOKU SOUTEN, a Japanese restaurant that delivers traditional dishes in a contemporary style, All-Day Dining OASIS GARDEN, a restaurant that brings you the best of carefully selected ingredients from around the world, and two unique bars. We offer each of our guests a dining experience to remember.


    Our main dining room serves Japanese cuisine. We use the concept of “ice”—capturing the freshness of seasonal ingredients in their prime and delivering them to …

  • All-Day Dining OASIS GARDEN

    Designed to resemble a garden in the sky, this Mediterranean restaurant offers a casual dining experience. See the lively sights of the kitchen, smell the rich aroma …

    All-Day Dining OASIS GARDEN
  • Sky Gallery Lounge Levita

    This waterfall-themed cocktail lounge and bar is surrounded by glass artworks. Catch a glimpse of the transforming cityscape through massive windows that present the …

    Sky Gallery Lounge Levita
  • The Bar illumiid

    Our authentic bar provides a relaxed yet dignified atmosphere for our guests. The bar also includes individual rooms for guests who wish to unwind in a more private …

    The Bar illumiid
  • In Room Dining

    Breakfast:  7:00A.M.〜10:00A.M.

    Lunch & Dinner:  10:00A.M.〜10:00P.M.

    Midnight①:  10:00 P.M.〜 1:00A.M.

    Midnight②:  1:00A.M.〜 7:00A.M.

    ※Please continue to visit our “Notice” for the latest updates on our business hours.


    In Room Dining
The Classic House
  • La Maison Kioi

    The concept is a french causally, which means that customer can take a meal on a daily basis.

    La Maison Kioi
  • Bar Napoleon

    Our new bar has a remnant from the days of Akasaka prince with a nice atmospher.

    Bar Napoleon
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