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There are no Prince Hotels in the Hakkaisan Ski Area. You can stay at the local traditional Japanese inns and B&Bs. Shuttle bus service from the town to the ski area is available throughout the day.
Information about accommodation close to the ski area is available here in Japanese.
Guests staying at Naeba Prince Hotel can also access Hakkaisan using public transportation.


Around the resort

[Hakkaisan Izumi Village]
An Italian restaurant in the Hakkaisan Beer brewery. Enjoy hearth-baked pizza with craft beer.
[Uonuma-no Sato]
You can visit 13 types of restaurants bakeries and confectionaries in a wide green park with a countryside atmosphere.
[Wine Restaurant Budo-no Hana]
Restaurant in the local winery. Original western style menu made with local ingredients are very popular.
You can see more information in the website of Minami Uonuma City Resort Tourist Association.

Hot Springs

There are a lot of hot springs around Hakkaisan ski area including drop-in or day-use facilities.

Muikamachi Onsen

The biggest hot springs area in this region. There are many ryokans and hotels that accept drop-in visitors. Approx. 25 mins by car from the ski area.

Uenohara Kogen Onsen

Famous for its gentle hot springs water quality. There are several drop-in facilities. Approx. 30 mins by car from the ski area.


Michino Eki Minami Uonuma “Yuki Akari”

A traditional style tourism complex including souvenir shops, restaurants and museums that shows the culture, history and art of this area. Local rice and local sake is popular souvenir from here.

Bokushi Dori in Shiozawa-juku

Shiozawa-juku developed as an inn-town for travelers during the Edo era. You can see restored old inns on the street. There are a lot of stores selling local products.


Minami Uonuma’s Snow Festival

In February, this festival is the highlight of the season, featuring huge snow sculptures and traditional dance along with numerous food and drink stalls.

Shiko Munakata Art Station

Shiko Munakata Art Station has artwork on permanent display by masters such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Hiroshige Ando, among others.

Tomioka White Museum

These houses, works have done by Niigata-born legend Soichiro Tomioka, who is famous worldwide for his White World series. Art lovers should also check it out.

You can see more information at the website of Minami Uonuma City Resort Tourist Association.


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