Countermeasures to Prevent the Spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to provide a safer and cleaner environment for a comfortable stay at our hotel, we at Prince Hotels have made a new hygiene and sanitization policy called "Prince Safety Commitment" and implemented it.
Based on this policy, we will do everything in our power and implement strict measures to prevent the spread of infections in order to reassure our guests of their safety when staying at our Hotel.
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Manza Onsen Gunma

*The information posted is from 2019.

Stargazing at 1,800m high ”Hoshizora Hutte (Starry Sky Hut)”

Manza Onsen situated at 1,800m above sea level in Joshin’etsu-Kogen National Park, is well known as the closest hot spring to the starry sky. With its clear air and dimly lit surroundings, it is an ideal location to do stars watching.
Have you seen milky way before with the naked eye? Billions of glittering stars from tens of thousands of light years ago appearing before us. Let your star searching adventure begins. Let us spot these amazing summer constellation like ”The Summer Triangle” or “Scorpius” together.


“Hoshizora Hutte” (*Limited to Manza Prince Hotel / Manza Kogen Hotel guests only)

“Hoshizora Hutte” is located on a ski slope, close proximity to the hotel but surrounding lights hardly infiltrate the Hutte area, so it is really perfect for stargazing.
There is a bar inside the Hutte, serving hot wine and original “Starry Night” themed cocktail in their menu. Imagine spending a cool summer night in highland Manza, sipping a glass of hot wine while enjoying the beautiful starry sky.
Or even on a night of blurry conditions when stargazing is not possible, playing fireworks is another entertainment. Both children and adults will enjoy the sparks in darkness. Firework sets are available for sale.

2019 Schedule August 2 (Fri) - 27 (Tue)
Tour starting time Hoshizora Hutte: 7:00P.M.- 9:00P.M.
Bar: 7:00P.M.- 8:50P.M.
*Free shuttle bus provided by hotels
Price Free
*Limited to Manza Prince Hotel / Manza Kogen Hotel guests only
*You will be stargazing at an altitude of 1800m. Preparing warm outfit is highly recommended.

Stargazing event

Stargazing event led by expert stargazing guide will be scheduled during the opening season.

2019 Schedule August 2 (Fri) - 27 (Tue)


Manza Prince Hotel

Manza Prince Hotel is constructed on mountain slopes. Here you can relax in our open-air bath with unobstructed views of the mountainous surroundings and stunning scenery of the four seasons. Our restaurant menu changes with seasons to present you the local seasonal ingredients all year round for your enjoyment.

Manza Kogen Hotel

Manza Kogen Hotel is conveniently located at the entrance of Manza Onsen Resort. It is built along the Manza River, homely atmosphere at reasonable hotel rates. Recommended for families and holiday groups.

Special Plan: 1 night with 2 meals + Stargazing at Hoshizora Hutte with one drink

Clean air, away from the street lights, beautiful night sky awaits you. Let’s have a stargazing night out, discovering milky way and the summer triangle.

2019 Applicable period August 3 (Sat) - 27 (Tue)
Price Manza Prince Hotel
From ¥12,864 per person per night, including dinner, breakfast and special benefits (for one room and two guests)
Manza Kogen Hotel
From ¥9,482 per person per night, including dinner, breakfast and special benefits (for one room and two guests)
Special Benefits One free drink (at the bar of Hoshizora Hutte)

Hot Springs

Manza Onsen

Manza Onsen is a highland hot spring resort surrounded by greenery in the Joshin’etsu-Kogen National Park. Its sulfur hot spring origin trait is well known for its rich and enormous flow, gushing out about 5.4 million liters of hot spring per day, at around 80 degrees Celsius.
It is said that the waters are very healing and beneficial to all kinds of health problems. Past healing experiences are widely shared on its effectiveness on respiratory, gastric, rheumatism, skin and even rare health concerns.


*1 hour 40 minutes by bus from Karuizawa Station
*40 minutes by bus or taxi from Manza-Kazawaguchi Station